Methods Used in Silicon Manufacturing & Silicon Wafer Applications


April 17, 2020

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A silicon wafer is considered to be the most important component in semiconductors, which are found in all electronic devices we see today. Silicon is the second most abundant element on the earth's surface, so there's no problem mass-producing it. The process of manufacturing silicon wafers is also relatively easy and more affordable compared to other semiconductor materials. If you need to buy silicon wafer for your business or next project, you need to know how you can get the most use out of it. Here are the various methods used in silicon manufacturing.

Where should i buy silicon wafer?

What are the Methods Used for Silicon Manufacturing?

Various methods can be used to produce silicon. From the Bridgeman method, horizontal gradient freeze method, Czochralski method, to the float zone method, each has its own unique advantages and benefits when utilized in producing silicon.During the growth process, dopants, like aluminum, boron, nitrogen, indium, or gallium, are added to alter the purity of the silicon wafer depending on its purpose. The impurities can change the silicon electronic properties which play an important role depending on the purpose of its production.A semiconductor can either be degenerate or extrinsic. Degenerate semiconductors are primarily used as conductors. They go through heavy levels of doping, while extrinsic semiconductors only go through fair amounts of doping during the fabrication process.


Various companies buy silicon wafer to fabricate semiconductors. It is considered to be the best semiconductor material because of its extreme mobility even at high temperatures. The electrical currents are also able to pass smoothly through the silicon conductor at a much quicker pace compared to other conductors.

Integrated Circuits, Chips, and Microchips

Silicon wafers are used to produce chips and microchips in electronic gadgets. It is highly suitable for these types of applications because of the unique electric current it produces. It is also widely used in integrated circuits.

What's a silicon wafer circuit?

Where Can I Buy Silicon Wafer Semiconductors?

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