Properties of InP Wafers


November 18, 2020

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An InP wafer is a powerful binary semiconductor. Furthermore, it is known for its good radiation resistance, excellent thermal conductivity, and high limit drift electronic speed. Therefore, it’s used for high-power and high-frequency electronic devices and chips. In this article, we will discuss the properties of InP that make it stand.

What is an InP Wafer?

What are the Properties of InP Wafer?

InP wafers are used for a wide range of high-performance electronic devices because of their superior electrical characteristics. The most crucial properties of an InP wafer include the following:

High Speed of Electron Saturation

Saturation in electronics refers to the entirely conducting state in a semiconductor junction.  Ultimately, it is when a quantity cannot increase or decline above or below a specific value.

High Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity refers to the heat loss rate per unit area of material to its temperature change rate. It means that InP wafers are a great conductor of thermal energy.

High Resistance to Breakdown

Breakdown voltage refers to the threshold voltage at which the start of a breakdown happens. Therefore, InP wafers are durable and reliable for high power applications.

High Resistance to Radiation

InP wafers can withstand prolonged exposure to radiation. Moreover, they’re used for space applications.

Longest-lived Optical Phonons

Indium phosphide is the only compound with a zincblende crystal structure with long-lasting optical phonons.

Direct Bandgap

InP wafers have a direct bandgap that is why it is useful for optoelectronic devices like telecommunication laser, optical fiber, laser diodes, and more.

What is an InP Wafer?

Looking for an InP Wafer?

Did you know that an InP wafer was used to create a pseudomorphic heterojunction bipolar transistor that could function at 604 GHz? It was record-breaking! An InP wafer might be what you need for your next project! So, get high-quality wafers from Wafer World. We offer a wide range of wafers at a reasonable price. Contact us for inquiries!

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