InP Reclaim Wafers | Everything You Need to Know About InP Wafers


November 12, 2019

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InP wafers are binary semiconductors made of Indium and Phosphorus. It is commonly used in high-power and high-frequency electronic applications. It has superior electron velocity compared to silicon and gallium arsenide, which is why it’s more in demand for certain applications. But with the increasing cost for prime virgin wafers, various companies have started using InP reclaim wafers for testing and monitoring. Reclaim wafers can provide the same performance and results for a fraction of the cost. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about InP Wafers and InP reclaim wafers.

InP Wafers

InP possesses a face-centered cubic crystal structure that is almost alike to that of GaAs and nearly all of the III-V semiconductors. Before InP wafers are fabricated into devices, it must first go through the process of lapping to remove any surface damage produced during the slicing process. The wafers are then chemically and mechanically polished to achieve a super-thin, flat, and mirror-like surface. After this, the wafers are ready for device fabrication.

InP Reclaim Wafers

InP reclaim wafers are just as efficient and effective as virgin wafers, except that they’re thinner because of the various processes they've undergone. What's great about reclaiming wafers is that imperfections and surface contaminants can be safely and effectively removed, and the process can be repeated up to 3x. That means you can triple your savings! A crucial part of reclaiming wafers is cleaning them. The process involves removing chemical impurities and particulates from the semiconductor. Reclaiming wafers can also enhance the performance of the wafer. Plus, they're environment-friendly!

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