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August 14, 2017

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When it comes to semiconductor wafers, one size definitely does not fit all. While some industries are seeing a stark demand in wafers with larger diameters, from 51 mm in the early days to talks about needing 450 mm today, other industries are demanding something much different. As a result, another trend in semiconductor wafers is developing: thin wafers. What exactly are thin wafers? Why is the demand for them growing? And, most importantly, where can you get them? Keep reading to get the answers to all of these thin wafer questions and more.

What are Thin Semiconductor Wafers?

The definition may be on the boring side, but thin wafers are exactly what they sound like: semiconductor wafers that have diameters of less than standard thickness. These sizes and thickness come vary depending on the specific application of the thin wafer.

Why is There a Demand for Thin Wafers?

While the growth of thin wafers can be attributed to a wide-range of reasons, it is mainly due to the rise of power semiconductors ICs for automotive applications. The demand for semiconductors for automotive applications is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, there are predictions that there will be $3 billion in global market growth for the power semiconductors used in cars and light passenger vehicles over the next 6 years, largely because of the consumer demand for constant connectivity. What do semiconductors for automotive applications have to do with thin wafers? Well, these technologies rely on the advanced wafer manufacturing processes like wafer thinning. As a result, as a demand for these applications increases so does the demand for thin wafers.

Where Can I Get Thin Wafers?

For the best thin semiconductor wafers, look no further than Wafer World, Inc. Our 12,000 square foot facility located in West Palm Beach Florida is a certified manufacturing facility for Silicon, Gallium Arsenide, Germanium, Indium Phosphide, Sapphire, and Quartz. Order wafers of all sizes and semiconducting materials by contacting us online today.

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