What are the Different Features of Integrated Circuits?


August 13, 2020

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Si wafer is one of the most common materials used in the production of integrated circuits. Integrated circuits are the brain behind consumer electronics and many other electronic devices. Despite its tiny size, it’s capable of doing many great things. In this article, we will discuss the different features of integrated circuits.

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What are The Different Features of Integrated Circuits?

It can Host Teeny Tiny Electronic Components

Can you imagine how an almost microscopic chip holds many teeny tiny electronic components on a Si wafer piece? It’s possible! Each IC contains several diodes, transistors, microprocessors, capacitors, and many more.

Allows Manufacturers to Save Space

An IC can hold all the essential components to power an electronic device. This means you don’t need entire printed circuit board to make any device function. You get all the advanced features and functionality you need in a tiny Si wafer!

Broadens the Possibility to Do More

Integrated circuits are so powerful. It is capable of doing so many amazing things we never thought possible. From satellites with built-in navigation to self-landing rockets to supercomputers, integrated circuits are the critical components of these devices.

Achieve Greater Things

When you place a bunch of ICs with a specific purpose to achieve a common goal, anything is possible. Examples, supercomputers, satellites, telecommunications, and more.  

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