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November 1, 2018

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A wafer is a thin, glossy slice of silicon that is cut to specific diameters. Pretty much any piece of modern technology utilizes wafers in some ways. Silicon is the popular choice when it comes to the manufacturing of wafers because it is the second most abundant element on earth behind just oxygen. When it comes to wafers, there are several different parts that make up the wafer. Let’s take a look at the different parts of a Si wafer.

Parts of a Wafer

Chip – The chip is a tiny piece of thin silicon with electronic circuit patterns. Chips are found in everything from computers, smartphones, and even cars.Scribe Lines – A scribe line is a thin, non-functional space between the functional pieces. Scribe lines are areas where a saw can safely cut the wafer without damaging the circuits.Test Element Group (TEG) – The TEG is a prototype pattern. The pattern reveals the physical characteristics of a chip so that it can be tested to see whether it works properly.Edge Die – Edge dies are the dies that are located around the edge of a wafer.Flat Zone – The flat zone is the edge of the wafer that is cut off flat. As a result, this is done to help identify the wafer’s orientation and type.

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