Silicon Manufacturing | What are the Different Types of Wafers?


January 23, 2019

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One of the most popular manufacturing components is silicon. Silicon manufacturing leads to wafers, something that is used every day by people from all walks of life. Knowing the different types of wafers can be key between finding what you need or wasting money on components that do not work properly for your project.

Types of Wafers

When it comes to the different types of wafers, there are six that are used more than any other type. Polished wafers are very common and can be distinguished by the mirror polished surface on one or both sides of the wafers. Hi wafers are a specific type of wafer that is heat treated by hydrogen. This type has an excellent gate oxide quality. Diffused wafers are used in electric power control devices and are a big part of improving the efficiency of energy consumption. Epitaxial wafers are like other wafers but use an epitaxial silicon wafer to control the thickness. Thinner versions are used for cutting-edge MOS devices while thicker versions are used to control electric power. SOI wafers are used in power devices and MEMS in order to allow a high breakdown voltage. AT wafers are similar to Hi wafers, in that they are heat treated. Instead of hydrogen, argon gas is used to prevent out-diffusion of dopant from the wafer surface.

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