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January 4, 2018

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Silicon wafers can be found in many industries and are very popular in the tech world. They are available in different grades: Prime, Test or Monitor, and Reclaimed wafers. Let’s take a look at those three different grades and how it relates to silicon prices.

Prime Grade Wafers

Prime wafers are the highest grade of commercial silicon wafers. They are typically more expensive than test wafers and are used for applications that include photolithography and particle monitors. Prime wafers can usually be found in high tech projects or semiconductor manufacturing.

Test and Monitor Grade Wafers

Test or monitor wafers can be used for a variety of purposes, especially in equipment testing and other applications where a large quantity of wafers is necessary. They are a more affordable option than prime wafers due to the fact that they typically fall short on one or more specifications required to be classified as a prime wafer. These wafers are used in testing and managing the control of semiconductor fabrication lines and processes.

Reclaimed Grade Wafers

Reclaimed wafers are essentially used test and prime wafers. They have gone through a process of being completely stripped of the thin film and re-polished to remove all of the previous patterns, films, or any surface defects. After reclaiming, the wafers will achieve the same level of standards as a normal test wafer.

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How do silicon grades affect silicon prices?
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