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June 7, 2019

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As the number of people using electronic devices increase, so does the demand for silicon wafers. Thus, the rise in silicon prices. No wonder why wafer manufacturers came up with a method that allows the recycling of silicon wafers. This method is called wafer reclaiming. Not only is the method cost-effective, but it is also environmentally friendly! To know the steps in the wafer reclaim process, read on.


Categorizing is essential to avoid metallic contamination in the reclaim line. Categorizing consist of wafer visual inspection, wafer type verification, dopant measurements, and mechanical framework.

Lapping and Grinding

This step is required for thick wafers and to get rid of other films. Edge rounding and lapping are also necessary for reclaim wafers.


Polishing is one way of achieving the desired thickness for wafers. This process involves both mechanical and chemical polishing. The only drawback is the fact that this process can leave unwanted particles and metallic contaminants on the surface of the wafer. But no worries because it can still be removed through the cleaning process.


Cleaning the reclaimed wafers is necessary to get rid of any forms of impurities; including both the unwanted particles and metallic contaminants from the polishing process. Cleaning is done sequentially in batch immersion tanks. The final step of the cleaning process uses a surface tension dryer to dry the reclaimed silicon wafer. Silicon prices constantly fluctuate depending on the market, but the demand for it will always be there.

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Looking for Silicon Prices?

The rise in silicon prices has pushed wafer manufacturers to creatively cut costs without sacrificing quality, thus the reclaimed wafers. If you’re looking for quality wafers for your business or next project, you can contact Wafer World. At Wafer World, we are proud to offer products and services that are guaranteed to satisfy our clients’ demands and wants. Visit our website to know more about us!

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