The Problem with Counterfeit Wafers


April 13, 2022

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Previously, we’ve discussed the importance of laser marking for wafers. Along with allowing us to follow industry regulations and track wafers throughout the production process, it also makes it harder for people to counterfeit our wafers. This begs the question, though: why is it so important to avoid counterfeit wafers?  

In this article, we’ll explain two of the reasons why it's important to make sure you’re not using counterfeit wafers: quality control and security vulnerability. We hope this information helps you when making wafer purchasing decisions!

an engineer cleans a wafer with a nitrogen gas before the Laser Marking process

Counterfeit Wafers and Their Issues

Quality Control

By far, the biggest issue with counterfeit wafers is quality control. If you’re unsure where a wafer came from, you won’t be able to determine how it was made. A counterfeiter is more likely to cut corners, since their name isn’t on the product.

It’s important to know that a wafer manufacturer is willing to stand by their product. If you buy counterfeited wafers, there’s no telling what you might get. This means they could prove unreliable and break down.

Security Vulnerability

Along with the inability to determine how well-made the wafer is, counterfeit wafers can also represent a security vulnerability. This is particularly worrisome in the context of national security, but it can be a problem anywhere.

Counterfeiters might use the name of a prestigious wafer manufacturer to get access to your data. This is why it’s useful to develop a relationship with a trustworthy wafer manufacturer. They can help you ensure that your data is safe.

a worker polishing wafers before the Laser Marking process

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