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June 28, 2019

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In order to successfully manufacture a high-quality silicon wafer, it must undergo a series of steps. From conception to packaging and delivery; everything must be done meticulously. An ideal wafer must be flat, clean, and defect-free. If you need a silicon wafer for a project, then make sure that you only buy the best. To help you understand the process, here is the silicon wafer production process:

Crystal Growth

Crystal growth can be achieved by two methods: The FZ method (Floating Zone Method) and the CZ method (Czochralski Method).


After completing the crystal growth, the crystal ingots will then go through a course of inspection to identify its placement and alignment. It is supposed to be a little bit larger than the standard size to allow further processing. After examination, the ingots will then go through slicing, using a diamond edge saw. This tool prevents warp defects, bow, and change in thickness.

Lapping and Cleaning

The lapping and cleaning process get rids of any slice marks on the surface and any forms of flaws on both sides of the wafer. This process involves the use of acetic and nitric acid to reduce microscopic cracks and surface damage. The wafer will also go through edge grinding to get rid of the rough edges.


This process gives a silicon wafer a mirror finish. The goal of polishing is to get rid of any remaining damage, scratches, and micro-cracks. The wafers will then go through thorough bathing before packaging.


Before packaging and delivery, the wafers go through inspections and are expected to meet the set standard. Then, it will be packed and sealed.

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