What is Laser Marking and What Are its Benefits?


October 12, 2020

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Laser marking plays an essential role in wafer fabrication. It allows wafer manufacturers to track wafers through the entire fabrication process. What’s great about laser marking is that it doesn’t leave any residual damage on the wafer, nor does it affect any other procedures performed on the wafer. Laser marking is achieved with a fiber or UV laser machine. It can be used for a wide variety of applications. In this article, we will discuss how laser marking works and its benefits.

What is Laser Marking?

How Does Laser Marking Work, and What are its Benefits?

What is it Used For?

Laser marking is used to mark surfaces, including wafers and metals. It uses a focused beam of light, aka laser, to do this. Laser marking is exact. It produces high-quality marks that are high-contrast, so they’re easy to scan or read on any surface. Laser marking is suitable for applications that need high-accuracy and permanency.Laser marking is also used to enforce traceability, process improvement, and quality control in wafers. It allows wafer manufacturers to use barcode readers to scan identifiers in every step of the fabrication process. It helps track wafers from beginning to end. In addition, it allows data to be stored for quality control and process improvement purposes.

What are the Benefits?

Wafer manufacturers can benefit from lasers in many ways. From identification and branding to traceability and tracking, this tool does it all. Furthermore, it also produces high-quality, durable marks that are easy to read on whatever material.

The benefits include the following:

  • Produces less waste and has reduced downtime.
  • It has greater operational capacity and yield because it’s very efficient.
  • It reduces quality and counterfeiting issues, which are very costly problems.
  • Guaranteed to follow industry regulations.
What is Laser Marking?

Looking for Laser Marking?

Laser marking plays a vital role in wafer manufacturing. Furthermore, it allows traceability and paves the way for more straightforward process improvement and quality control. At Wafer World, we offer a wide range of high-quality wafers that are laser marked at a reasonable price! Contact us for inquiries!

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