Silicon Wafer | What You Need to Know About Silicon Wafers


November 6, 2017

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While it might not be visible, silicon wafers are used in our everyday lives. A silicon wafer is a round piece of silicon which consists of silicon dies that are designed to perform a very specific functionally. Here are some fun facts that you need to know about silicon wafers.

Silicone is More Common Than You Think

Silicon is the second most common element on earth only behind oxygen. It is also the seventh most common element in the entire universe.

Wafers Are Formed by Czochralski

Wafers are formed with a highly pure, almost defect-free single crystal material in a process called Czochralski. During the process, silicon or germanium is made by pulling a seed crystal from a melt.

Silicon Isn’t the Only Material

Even though silicon is considered the most prevalent material, other compounds can be used as well. II-V or II-VI materials have also been used. Gallium arsenide is a III-V semiconductor that is produced during the Czochralski process. It’s often used as a common wafer material.

Proper Storage is Key

Proper storage conditions are important in order to prevent contamination and/or degradation. Wafers that are not vacuum sealed must be placed in a Nitrogen cabinet with a flow rate of 2 to 6 Standard Cubic Feet per Hour.

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How is a silicon wafer made?
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