Silicon Wafer Manufacturers | Questions to Ask When Looking for a Manufacturer


March 28, 2019

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In looking for a manufacturer, it is important that you find the right one to close the deal with to make sure that your business operations run smoothly as well. If you are looking for silicon wafer manufacturers, here are some important questions to ask:

What Kind of Companies Do You Usually Work With?

It is important for you to ask this question to the manufacturer, so you’ll know if the companies they work with is in a similar industry as yours. You would want to work with a manufacturer who has experience in dealing with the demands of a company like yours.

Do You Respect an NDA or an NNN?

Finding a manufacturer who respects a non-disclosure agreement is crucial in protecting your product and your company. Ask them straight away if they respect this kind of agreement, if not you can start looking for another one. Always make sure to patent your products to avoid leakage or intellectual property theft.

Do You have a Minimum Order Quantity?

It’s good to know if a manufacturer has a minimum order requirement. Through this, you are able to estimate if you can pay for all your orders whether you sell all your products or not. There are manufacturers who also offer price breaks if you reach a certain amount of order or volume.

What are Your Terms of Payment?

This is something that both you and the manufacturer could agree on. Most manufacturers require a 50% down payment and then the rest upon completion. If the manufacturer requires full payment even before they could produce your requested product then you might want to consider looking for another manufacturer.

What Do You Do About Delays in Delivery?

An ideal manufacturer has a proactive solution to avoid delays in delivery, like a back-up plan. If inevitable, it would be good to have a penalty clause as a part of your contract.

where is a good silicon wafer manufacturer?

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