Silicon Wafer Manufacturers | The Basics of Integrated Circuit Manufacturing


May 31, 2019

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Silicon wafer manufacturers know the significance of their products in making integrated circuits, which is a major component in the production of everyday electronic devices, such as phones, laptops, computers, and more. If your business deals with integrated circuits, here are the things you need to know about the manufacturing process:

Wafer Production

Integrated circuits are founded on a round semiconductor material called wafer. The preferred type of wafer is silicon due to its superior properties which are suitable in producing integrated circuits. To produce a wafer, it starts with pure polycrystalline silicon processed to become a single crystal ingot. It is then thinly sliced to the desired thickness.


Through a method called photolithography, specific areas of a wafer (which are not being worked on) are protected from areas which are being worked on.


The etching is the process of selectively removing materials on the surface of the wafer to produce a pattern or patterns. There are two types of technique for etching, either chemical etching or physical etching.


In order to alter the electrical characteristics of silicon, it must be introduced to dopants. This type of method produces p-type and n-type semiconductors which are widely used in manufacturing electronic components.

Putting Together and Packaging

Each wafer can contain hundreds of chips, which are separated and packaged through a technique called cleaving and scribing. Silicon wafer manufacturers also make sure that all wafers go through a series of inspection to ensure quality. Each chip that fails to pass inspection is discarded. And the chips that passed are packaged and encapsulated in an antistatic plastic bags for protection.

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