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October 10, 2016

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Silicon wafers are widely utilized in technologies due to the characteristics that make the wafers an efficient and high quality semiconductor. Their relatively low cost, low power consumption, and high reliability give way to several technologies being developed. Not only are these advancements emerging, but they are also being made available to the general population and global market. So what is the demand for a silicon wafer? What does the market landscape look like for this industry? Keep reading for a general silicon wafer market update!

Global Demand of Silicon Wafers

The demand for silicon wafers has been linked to an increase in the disposable income of consumers around the globe. As the consumers’ purchasing power increases, they tend to spend this extra income of different emerging technologies. Everything from televisions, to computers, to smartphone devices and wearable technologies have all seen an increase, which has in turn led to an increase in the silicon wafer demand. As more and more people buy products that utilize silicon wafers, more manufacturers have to purchase more silicon wafers to keep up with the demand.

Silicon Wafer Reclaim Demand

A relatively recent sector, silicon wafer reclaim sector, the has also seen tremendous levels of growth as well. As the silicon wafer manufacturing process is complex and lengthy, when possible for manufacturers, purchasing reclaimed silicon wafers is a cheaper and quicker process. It is predicted that by 2024, the silicon wafer reclaim market will reach $577.3 million.Wafer World has the technical authority to manufacture and produce silicon wafers to your project specifications. We have made several renovations and innovated several processes in silicon wafer reclaim manufacturing to increase our product yield and product quality. For all of your wafer needs, visit our semiconductor wafer company online today or shop on our 24/7 virtual wafer shopping cart. We have a wide variety of available products and can produce any extra silicon wafers you may need. Give us a call at 561-842-4441 today!

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