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July 13, 2016

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To get the electronic device that you are probably using to read this blog, there are a lot of processes that each component undergoes. One component, which is used in any electronic device, the silicon wafer, has the most important role and undergoes some of the most complex processes. Silicon wafer processing, although not an easy task, is an important one because of its capabilities for holding integrated circuits. Due to the many characteristics that are a part of silicon wafers, they are widely used as a basis for many of the electronic devices.

First Steps of Silicon Wafer Processing

To begin, the silicon needs to be grown. In silicon wafer processing, you need silicon to work with. There are several different methods for a wide variety of wafer products, but the most common crystal growth method is the Czochralski process. Mono-crystalline cylindrical ingots are formed and then from these ingots the wafers are sliced. Photolithography is the next step in where the glass photomasks are made for each layer of circuit. During this process the wafer is coated in photoresist, exposed to UV light and developed.Right after the photolithography process, the etching stage takes place. In silicon wafer processing, there is some unwanted material on the wafer after the photolithography stage, so the wafer can undergo wet or dry etching. In wet etching wafers are dipped into a highly concentrated pool of cleaning acids and in dry etching gas is used instead of chemicals.

Silicon Wafer Processing Products

During the process of producing a silicon wafer, there are several different techniques and methods that can be used to create wafers with various types of characteristics. Depending on what the wafer will ultimately be used for, different steps need to be taken in the silicon wafer processing to achieve the exact wafer your need with its unique specifications. For all of your silicon wafer needs, Wafer World is ready to accommodate and deliver the highest quality product to your company. We are industry leaders and with a 24/7 virtual shopping cart with the widest variety of product, we have the technical authority and high supply of product to help you!

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