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June 2, 2019

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When choosing a silicon wafer supplier, it’s important to have a list of supplier selection criteria to guide you on choosing the right one who can provide you with the service you need. Not only can the list help you avoid forgetting any important requirements, but it can also save you from dealing with the wrong supplier. To help you properly evaluate potential suppliers, here is the list of supplier selection criteria:

Lead Time

It’s important that you let a silicon wafer supplier know what your expected or ideal lead times are. From the creation of receipts to the delivery of products to product return and replacement, you must have an ideal lead time for your supplier to comply with.

Order Quantities

It’s important to ask your supplier if they have a minimum or a maximum order requirement. Both of you need to agree on a minimum or a maximum. And if there are discounts for bulk orders.

Storage and Handling

Ask about the storage and handling facility of your supplier. Making sure that they have very good storage and handling facility will help make sure that the quality of the products you ordered are well preserved.

Quality Assurance Process

Ask about your supplier’s quality control process, and their policy for any products that reach you which are below standard quality level.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Before signing a contract, both of you should agree on payment terms and conditions. Also, ask about any grace period or penalty for delayed payments.

Return Policy

Ask your supplier if they have a return policy for any products that have not met your agreed standards.

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