Silicon Wafer Suppliers | Alarming Signs of a Bad Supplier You Should Avoid


June 27, 2019

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Working with a supplier who doesn’t have your best interest at heart can become time-consuming, exhausting, and expensive. That’s why, when choosing silicon wafer suppliers for your business it’s important to keep in mind the red flags to avoid.  Here are the alarming signs of a bad supplier you should avoid:


This can refer to the products of the supplier or their behavior. Any inconsistency in their products may mean that they’re not competent enough. This can put your business or project in jeopardy, so, better look for other silicon wafer suppliers. Behavior wise, if the supplier is not consistent with their deliveries and keeps making excuses about any shortcomings on their part, then it’s time to look for a new supplier.


A good supplier owns up to their mistakes and tries to make up for it. A bad supplier blames other factors for its shortcomings. An accountable supplier can help solve problems easier and make transactions smoother. Make sure your supplier of choice has a sense of accountability if you do not want to get a migraine!


Any hidden charges or fees from your supplier is a form of dishonesty. Before signing a contract, make sure to clarify the prices of the products, delivery charges, and if there are any hidden fees and charges. Remember to read the proposals carefully.


A supplier must be responsive to their clients, especially with complaints. On an extremely busy day, your supplier must be decent enough to inform you that they cannot respond right away.

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