Silicon Wafer Suppliers | Different Types of Defects you Need to Know About


July 12, 2019

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In the wafer industry, a defect is the number one enemy. Any forms of defect can greatly affect the quality of the silicon wafer, even the scratches which are not visible to the eye matters. That’s why you need to find the most meticulous among the different silicon wafer suppliers to make sure that only the best quality wafers are delivered to you. Here are some different types of defects you need to know about:

Minor Defect

Minor defects are small issues that don’t affect the form of the material. These defects are usually not visible to the naked eye, which makes it difficult to identify through ocular inspection.  Only when it goes through the standard inspection are the micro defects seen. Although it doesn’t affect the form of the wafer, it does have an impact when it comes to its efficiency.

Major Defect

Major defects affect both the form and function of a wafer.  These are the types of defects which are noticeable, like cracks, uneven thickness, vacancy defects, interstitial defects, Frenkel defects, extrinsic defects, straight dislocations (edge or screw), dislocation loops, and more. If a wafer is found to have many major defects it can be repurposed as test wafers.

Critical Defect

Critical defects are the most crucial among the three types of defect. Critical defects make a wafer useless. Some examples of critical defects are chipping, metallization peels off, silicon dust contamination, and cracks. If silicon wafer suppliers are not careful with how their wafers are being handled all throughout production then it’s likely that their wafers will have defects.

Who is the Best Silicon Wafer Suppliers?

Find the best among silicon wafer suppliers. Make sure that your supplier of choice is meticulous with their processing procedures, quality control, and inspection to make sure that all wafers supplied to you is of the highest quality. At Wafer World, our 20 years of experience has allowed us to master the process of producing top quality wafers. Call us for inquiries or visit our website to purchase wafers!

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