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May 24, 2019

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If you’re planning to buy silicon wafer, it’s important that the wafer you get is of excellent quality. The wafer you’re looking for contains no defects and has passed the quality inspection. The excellence in the raw materials you use and the process it goes through will reflect on the finished product. So, if you want quality results, get quality silicon wafers from a company you can trust.  Here are some silicon wafer defect inspections:

Total Indicator Reading

Total indicator reading inspects the flatness of Prime wafers site by site. It uses a technique called site flatness. This technique accurately measures a wafer’s flatness by only exposing a specific site at a time.

Total Thickness Variation

This type of inspection is done on prime wafers in the final part. It is performed on a flatness monitor machine. A quality 8-inch prime wafer would have a <15 um thickness.

Bow and Warp

Measuring the bow and warp is important in identifying the quality of the wafer during the final inspection. The bow is how convex or concave the median surface of the wafer is at the center point. Warp is the measurement of the difference between the maximum and minimum change between the median surface and the backside reference plane. A good measurement for a bow is <30 and <20 for warp.


The resistivity across the wafer must be uniform. Uniform resistivity allows a successful growth of thermal oxide, which is important in producing reliable and stable devices. So, it’s better to buy silicon wafer that has uniform resistivity.

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