5 Reasons why Silicon is Widely Used in Electronics


April 3, 2020

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Silicon wafer suppliers are producing over a thousand tons of silicon wafer each year to meet the demand of the semiconductor industry. Silicon is highly beneficial in electronics because of its excellent properties and economical price when mass-produced. Here are 5 reasons why silicon is widely used in electronics.

What are silicon wafer suppliers?

Why is Silicon Widely Used in Electronics?

Silicon is Abundant

Silicon is widely used in electronics because of its abundance. It makes up about 28% of the earth’s surface, so it’s widely available to use. Silicon can be found in the form of silica sand or quartz.

Easy and Economical Manufacturing

What’s advantageous about using silicon in electronics is that it can easily be processed. Mass- producing silicon-based ICs and other electronic components are also more economical compared to using other semiconductor materials.

Excellent Chemical Properties

A silicon wafer has excellent chemical properties. It has a diamond-like structure, which is why it's widely used in electronics. Elements like water, acid, or steam cannot alter or influence the composition of pure silicon. Also, at high-temperatures, silicon can easily form nitrides, oxides, and even alloys.

Superior Silicon Structure

Silicon wafer suppliers aim to produce high-quality silicon wafer to produce excellent quality ICs and other semiconductor devices. Silicon’s superior silicon structure is one of the contributing factors that make it effective and efficient when used in electronic devices and ICs.

  • Moderate Band Gap: allows silicon to be a stable element and helps reduce the chance of leakage current.
  • High Doping Concentration: with 34% packing density, silicon wafers allow easy replacement of impurities’ atoms in the vacant areas of the lattice.
  • Strong Mechanical Strength: silicon wafers can withstand thermal, mechanical, and gravitational stresses.

Easily Forms Oxides

One of the main reasons why silicon is widely used in electronics is because of how easily it forms oxides. Silicon dioxide is popularly used in insulators for IC technology because of its highly stable chemical nature.

Where to find silicon wafer suppliers?

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