Silicon Wafer | The Different Types of Silicon Wafers and Their Uses


March 14, 2019

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A silicon wafer is a thin semiconductor material that is used in integrated circuits and electronic applications. It is a vital component found in our everyday gadgets, like cellphones, TVs, computers, and more. There are various types of wafers and each has its own characteristics. If you are looking for a silicon wafer for your next project then you might want to know the different types and which one is suitable for your needs.

Polished Wafers

This type of Silicon wafer has been polished on both sides to achieve that mirror surface. This type of wafer is known for its superior qualities, like flatness and purity.

Undoped Silicon Wafer

Undoped Silicon Wafers are also called intrinsic silicon wafers. This type of semiconductor is a pure crystalline form of silicon that does not have any dopant present throughout the wafer. This is why it is an ideal semiconductor.

Doped Silicon Wafer

There are two types of Doped Silicon Wafers, the P-type and the N-type.

  • The P-type wafer is doped with boron. It is commonly used for lithography or making printed circuits.
  • The N-type contains phosphorous or arsenic. It is widely used for advanced CMOS device manufacturing.

Epitaxial Wafers

There are two types of epitaxial wafers: thin and thick. It is a traditional wafer that is used to achieve surface integrity.

  • Thin Epitaxial Wafers are used in leading-edge MOS instruments.
  • Thick Epitaxial Wafers or multi-layered Epi wafers are used in electric power control and helps regulate the energy consumption of a device.

SOI Wafer

This type of wafer is used to electronically insulate a fine layer of monocrystalline silicon from the entire silicon wafer. This type of wafer is used in microelectronics to lessen parasitic device capacitance that contributes to improved performance. It is commonly used in high-performance radio frequency applications and silicon photonics.

What is a silicon wafer?

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