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June 21, 2019

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There are different types of silicon wafers you can choose from. Each type has its own characteristics, purpose, and applications, and they are carefully categorized according to their grade or level.  If you’re planning to buy silicon wafer for your next project but are still confused as to which type of wafer you should use, then read on to know the different types of graded silicon wafers you can choose from:  

Prime Wafers

If you’re looking for the highest grade of commercial silicon wafers, then prime grade wafers are what you’re looking for. Prime grade wafers are also known as ‘device-quality’ because it is used to manufacture semiconductors and high-tech devices. What makes it device-quality is because it is defect free, has a highly polished smooth surface, and has the ideal flatness of .3um.

Test Wafer or Monitor Wafer

Test wafers are wafers that were not able to pass the quality standard to become a prime wafer. Despite this, test or monitor wafers are still efficient. This type of wafer is suitable for you if you’re looking for a wafer that can be used for equipment testing and other uses that requires a large number of wafers, like marathon runs.

Reclaim Wafers

Reclaimed wafers are used prime and test wafers, which are processed to get rid of defects, previous patterns, and films. After the reclaiming process, the wafers become as good as test wafers. They’re also as efficient as normal test wafers. You can reclaim a wafer up to three or four times.

where can i buy silicon wafer?

Where to Buy Silicon Wafer?

Buy silicon wafer from a wafer manufacturing company you can trust.  At Wafer World, you can find all the different types of graded silicon wafers that you need! Call us today for inquiries or buy wafers online.

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