Silicon Wafers | What Is a Semiconductor?


December 14, 2016

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Semiconductors have had a major impact on the modern world. Anything that uses radio waves or is computerized relies on semiconductors. In fact, wafers are a thin slice of a semiconductor material, such as silicon, gallium arsenide, germanium, indium phosphide, sapphire, and quartz. As a result, silicon wafers wouldn?t even be possible without semiconductors. However, despite their important role, many people don?t know that much about semiconductors. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about semiconductors and the important role they play in silicon wafers!

What Is a Semiconductor?

As its name suggests, a semiconductor is a type of material that conducts current, but only partly. The conductivity of semiconductors is between that of a conductor, which has almost full conductivity, and an insulator, which has almost no conductivity. The majority of semiconductors are crystals that are made out of certain materials. The most common material being silicon.Semiconductors possess a variety of unique properties. The flow of electrons in semiconductors can be controlled with a controlling current or by adding impurities (doping). This makes them extremely useful for devices that want to amplify, switch, or convert an energy input. They are also compact, reliable, and affordable. ?As a result, semiconductors?are a popular option for many applications, such as electrical circuits, solar cells, transistors, integrated circuits, silicon wafers, and more.

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