The Importance of Silicon Wafers in Our Daily Life


November 28, 2022

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While wafers are commonly used in big tech industries, such as with microchips and chips in electronic devices, silicon wafers suppliers also provide these materials to smaller groups. In actuality, semiconductors are necessary to operate everyday items, including computers, televisions, cellphones, transportation, and medical equipment. If you want to learn more about the impact of semiconductors in our daily life, here are some facts about wafers that you need to know.  

Man using his phone and computer thanks to a silicon wafer from a supplier

The Heart of Ever-Evolving Technology  

In Computers

Before the widespread adoption of silicon-based processors, computers were bulky devices with tubes and dials. They were big but also delicate and less dangerous because of how much electricity they needed. Semiconductor chips took the place of tubes, enabling machines to operate more quickly, affordably, and effectively.

Computer chips, also known as integrated circuits, are made of silicon wafers and other components of the same materials. A single electrical circuit unit called a die (chip) is placed on a semiconductor wafer. The grid-like pattern is produced by stacking many dies with the same electronic circuit on a wafer. They are ultimately divided into separate semiconductor chips, which are then assembled to create the finished semiconductor product.  

In Smart Phones

Modern phones and intelligent equipment in many industries are now light and attractive thanks to design and size developments. Silicon-based photovoltaic cells and electronic integrated circuits (ICs) are made from wafers. A wafer is a chunk of silicon (one of the most widely used semiconductors) or another semiconductor material shaped like a fragile disc.

Doping, implantation, and etching are a few techniques engineers utilize to finish the integrated circuit assembly. These chips are strong enough to handle big and small problems in our lives and deliver convenience. Yet, they are pretty delicate and quickly broken. The wafer must have few to no defects to be usable.

Supplier manufacturing a silicon wafer

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