The Most Widely Used Planarization Technique to Polish Wafers


June 4, 2020

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A double side polish wafer is in demand for applications that require a specific level of flatness. These types of wafers go through several polishing steps to achieve a smooth finished surface, which helps maintain the quality and accuracy of the integrated circuit. Polishing wafers is also important to make sure that there are no topographical variations on the surfaces of the wafers that could make marking patterns difficult to do using the lithography technique. In this article, we will discuss CMP; a widely used planarization technique to polish wafers.

What is the Most Widely Used Planarization Technique to Polish Wafers?

CMP stands for Chemical Mechanical Polishing. It is considered to be the most widely used planarization technique to polish wafers. It aims to smoothen wafer surfaces through the use of both chemical etching and mechanical power or free abrasive polishing.Before the year 1990, CMP is thought of as “too dirty” to be used in high-precision fabrication process like semiconductor manufacturing, since abrasion contributes to the production of particles. Today, the semiconductor industry relies on CMP to get rid of materials in a planar and homogeneous manner, and for the production of double side polish wafer.The polishing process involves the use of an abrasive and corrosive chemical slurry combined with a polishing pad and a retaining ring. The pad and wafer are pressed against each other by a dynamic polishing head, which is anchored in place by a retaining ring. The polishing head is then rotated using different axes of rotation to remove impurities or contaminants that tend to even out any irregular topography, making the wafer planar or flat. This step is necessary to prepare the wafer for the creation of additional circuit elements.The only drawback of CMP is that it has a low MRR or material removal rate, which means it needs to be improved.

What is a double side polish wafer?

Looking for a Double Side Polish Wafer?

CMP plays an important role in wafer manufacturing. It helps guarantee that the double side wafer produced is flat, particle-free, and has a mirror-like surface. At Wafer World, we offer a wide variety of high-quality wafers at a reasonable price. Contact us for inquires!

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