The Process of Preparing Silicon Wafers for Assembly


October 21, 2020

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Have you ever wondered how wafers are assembled? First things first: buy silicon wafer from a trusted wafer supplier to guarantee its quality. Before wafers are assembled to produce ICs or MEMS, they are first separated into individual dice. This step is necessary to prepare the wafers for the incoming steps properly. In this article, we will tackle the process of preparing silicon wafers for assembly.

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What is the Process of Preparing Silicon Wafers for Assembly?

Wafer Mounting

The process of preparing silicon wafers for assembly involves two steps. Specifically, wafer mounting and wafer sawing. Wafer mounting is the method of supporting a wafer from beginning to end. Therefore, it provides backing to the wafer to aid its processing from sawing to die attach. During wafer mounting, the wafer and its frame are connected on a dicing tape together. The wafer frame must be made from materials resistant to bending, distortion, heat, and corrosion. Also, the dicing tape should be flexible, yet strong enough to hold both the wafer and its frame. Typically, it is made from a PVC sheet with artificial adhesive on one side. Therefore, this process is carried out using a particular wafer mounting machine. The process begins with frame loading, followed by wafer loading. Then, the wafer and its frame are attached to the tape. The excess tape needs to be cut off. After cutting the extra tape, the mounted wafer is unloaded.This process needs to be done with utmost care to prevent cracking, breakage, and scratches. Therefore, the tape also needs to be applied carefully to avoid bubbles of trapping and wrinkles.

Wafer Sawing

Wafer sawing is the next step after wafer mounting. Accordingly, it involves cutting wafers into individual dies to prepare it for assembly. Wafer sawing begins with aligning frame-mounted wafers into position for sawing. Next, you want to cut the wafers to your desired dimension.Continuing, the wafers are rotated at a very high speed to clean it using high-pressure DI water. Then, the wafers are then dried by air-blowing.

Where can I Buy Silicon Wafer?

Where to Buy Silicon Wafer?

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