Thin Silicon Wafer | Different Grinding Removal Processes


January 2, 2020

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To achieve a thin silicon wafer, wafers go through the different grinding removal process. But not all methods get rid of damage and boost final surface appearance the same way. In this article, we will discuss the different grinding removal processes and their advantages.

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Breaking Down the Grinding Removal Process:

Dry Plasma Etching

Dry plasma etching the process of removing plastic, other semiconductor material, or surface damage present on the surface of a wafer using plasma. The active ions in the plasma smash into the material and get rid of it without the help of any chemicals. This is considered to be the most environmentally friendly method available. Its advantages are the following:

  • Easily controllable through time, gas selection, RF power, and pressure.
  • Decreased sensitivity to atmospheric changes like temperature, pressure, and humidity.
  • A minimal amount of raw material is needed.
  • No Residues
  • No waste products. (mostly gaseous which are released directly into the atmosphere)
  • Minimal operator training is needed.
  • Systems are programmable to ensure steady results.
  • Utilized to etch patterns on stone or glass using photoresist.

Wet Etching

Wet etching is the process of removing exterior damage. It’s also utilized to produce thin wafers and achieve a thin silicon wafer. Its advantages are the following:

  • High repeatability of the process.
  • It can be used to thin a film or a wafer.
  • The etch rate is controllable.
  • The etching surface is relatively planar.
  • High selectivity.

Traditional Loose- Abrasive Polishing

This method combines polishing and grinding. What’s great about traditional loose-abrasive polishing is that it can thin a wafer while smoothening its surface. Its advantages are the following:

  • Good planarization surfaces.
  • Low defects.
  • Surfaces have improved uniformity after the process.
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