Double Side Polish Wafer | The Process of Removing Damage caused by the Grind Process


May 13, 2019

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The double side polish wafer is in demand now more than ever, as the demand for slimmer and smaller electronic devices has also increased. There are various ways of thinning wafers, but the most common type is the conventional grinding. The results of conventional grinding are thin wafers with mirror-like surfaces. However, if you look a little closer there is some extent of subsurface damage due to the wafer grinding process. For wafers to be more durable and more flexible, the damaged layer needs to be removed. If you’re wondering how this is possible, here is the process of removing subsurface damage in wafers:

Chemical Mechanical Planarization

Chemical Mechanical Planarization or CMP is one of the common ways to remove subsurface damage. It is more commonly known as wafer polishing. Backgrind wafer polishing takes away 5 to 10 microns of silicon from the back part of the wafer. This produces a wafer with a reduced amount of valley micro-damage and micro-sized peaks.

Polishing Process

To produce a double side polish wafer, you will need polishing pads and a diamond liquid slurry. The process starts with wafers being held in place by a vacuum carrier which will expose the backside of the wafer. Then, both the wafer and the carrier will be brought near a rotating platen covered with polishing pads. Lastly, using a controlled downward force, the subsurface damage of the wafers will be carefully removed. You can now enjoy a damage-free wafer.

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