Thin Silicon Wafers | Why Wafer Size is Important


March 6, 2019

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Integrated circuits are thin silicon wafers that have millions of very small capacitors, resistors, and transistors. Another term for ICs is chips and microchips. It can be used as an amplifier, oscillator, timer, counter, RAM, or a microprocessor. Over the last 30 years, the semiconductor industry has devoted money, time, and effort to grow the wafer size.  Today’s common wafer size is around 300mm from the original 1-inch wafers.

Why Wafer Size Matter

The demand for wafers has skyrocketed over the past 20 years because of the increase in the sale of gadgets, smartphone, TVs, and many more. Increasing the wafer size allows the production of more semiconductor instruments from a single wafer. This improves productivity and effectiveness in the supply of wafers. If manufacturers still produced the same 1-inch wafer there will be a shortage of supply of ICs and that might cause gadgets to be much more expensive!

Thin Silicon Wafers Sizes

Wafers used to be measured in inches but now they use the millimeter measurement to describe its size. Silicon wafer sizes vary depending on the requirement of the company but here are the common sizes for wafers:

  • 150 mm wafer = 5.9 inches
  • 200 mm wafer = 7.9 inches
  • 300 mm wafer = 11.8 inches
  • 450 mm wafer = 18 inches
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Looking for Thin Silicon Wafers?

The wafer industry is gearing towards increasing the size of the wafer from 300mm to 450mm. Find the premium quality thin silicon wafers you are looking for at Wafer World. We offer a variety of silicon wafer sizes for all your different needs and demand. Contact us to know more about the wafers we offer!

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