Ultra Flat Wafers | Characteristics and Applications


July 7, 2016

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When you are in an industry that revolves around virtually any type of electronic device or technology, you will most likely encounter a need for silicon wafers. With all the different varieties of products available, your specific application is sure to have an appropriate wafer with your requirements available at Wafer World. You may be curious to understand the different silicon wafer varieties, like ultra flat wafers, and understand the different applications that they may have. Ultra flat wafers have a specific purpose because of its unique characteristics, and you can keep reading to find out if this silicon wafer can have a purpose in your industry!

What Are Ultra Flat Wafers?

Silicon wafer thickness is measured in microns and ultra flat wafers are those under 200 microns thick. The thickness of a wafer determines what kind of integrated circuits or whether or not the wafer is an ideal for supporting mounting cells.

What are Ultra Flat Wafer Applications?

Ultra flat wafers are used in a variety of applications. Most commonly, ultra flat silicon wafers are utilized in the electronics industry and have a range of biological uses as well. There is also a place for ultra flat wafers in micro fabrication as substrates for thin film research or biological substrates.No matter what your application, as a purchaser of silicon industry for your business you want to ensure a couple things when buying silicon wafers. Making sure that you are ordering a high quality product is of utmost important when buying silicon wafers. Also ensuring that the silicon wafer supplier will have a variety of silicon wafer products is also important. Wafer World Inc is an industry leader in silicon wafer manufacturing. Whether you need ultra flat wafers or you are looking for larger and thicker silicon wafers with specific dopants, Wafer World can provide it for you! Check out our virtual shopping cart and see our wide range of products for yourself!

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