Ultra Flat Wafers | What are the Different Types of Wafers?


October 12, 2018

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Wafers are found in pretty much all types of technology. A wafer serves the purpose of fabricating integrated circuits. When it comes to wafers, there are several different types available, all with distinct functions. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of wafers out there, including ultra flat wafers.

Types of Wafers

Polished Wafers – Polished wafers are silicon wafers with one or both sides polished to a mirror surface.Hi Wafer – A Hi wafer is a wafer that is heat treated in a hydrogen ambient. As a result, this wafer has an excellent gate oxide quality.

Diffused Wafers - Diffused wafers are employed in electric power control devices at a high rate. They then contribute to improving the efficiency of energy consumption.

Epitaxial Wafers - Epitaxial wafers are used to achieve surface integrity by putting various thickness epitaxial silicon layers. Thin versions are then commonly used for leading-edge MOS devices. On the other hand, thick and multi-layered versions are used for the devices mainly to control electric power.

SOI Wafer - SOI wafers are widely used in power devices and MEMS to achieve high breakdown voltage, low energy consumption and high performance of MEMS.

AT Wafer – AT wafers are heat treated in Argon gas ambient to prevent out-diffusion of dopant from the wafer surface and to have flat resistivity profile in depth.

Are You Looking for Ultra Flat Wafers?

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What are ultra flat wafers?
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