Wafer Manufacturing| 5 Meticulous Steps of Wafer Manufacturing


February 18, 2019

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The process of wafer manufacturing is complex because it goes through different stages of wafer fabrication, examination or sorting, putting together or packaging, and final testing. Each of these steps has its own standardized procedures in order to achieve premium quality wafers. Premium quality wafers are important because it is the material used for generating semiconductors.

Wafer Manufacturing Ingot Growth

Silicon is widely used as a semiconductor because of its properties, and how it is an abundant element on the earth’s surface. It is the most common material turned into a wafer. To grow a silicon wafer, manufacturers make use of the Czochralski method. This method grows ingot with the use of virgin polycrystalline silicon that is subjected to small amounts of element dopants.


After passing many inspections, silicon wafers are processed to achieve a standard thickness using a diamond edge saw. The diamond edge saw also helps in decreasing the chances of damaging the silicon wafer.


The lapping process clears away any marks and imperfection created by the diamond edge saw. This process also thins and frees the wafer of any acquired stress during the slicing.


Purification is an important stage to get rid of any microscopic surface damage or any imperfections in the wafer. It uses sodium hydroxide or acetic acid to clean it.

Subsurface Damage Removal Polishing

The final step involves the polishing of the silicon wafer. It is to get rid of any microscopic impurities in the wafer. We make sure it is in its best form before we deliver it to you!

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Wafer manufacturing takes a lot of work, but we at Wafer World are more than happy to go through this meticulous process to deliver you premium quality wafers. We will execute as promised! Call us now to know more about the products and services we offer, or you can order online!

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