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June 14, 2019

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Gadgets nowadays are becoming thinner than ever, thus the demand to shrink the package height and size. So, silicon wafer manufacturers decided to employ a method called Wafer Level Packaging. Not only does it efficiently package wafers, but it also streamlines the supply chain, reduce overall cost, and improve performance. The WLP has two types: ‘fan-in’ and ‘fan-out’. If you want to know more about this packaging method, read on.

Wafer Level Packaging

WLP is a technology that packages integrated circuits at wafer level. So, when silicon wafer manufacturers pack ICs, they’re basically of the same size as the die. Wafer-level packaging allows a short electrical path that increases the speed and reduces parasites through a flip chip or printing a circuit board face-down. It can also package wafers all at once. The number of dies per wafer does not dictate the price of packaging per wafer. The wafer-level chip scale packaging is the tiniest package presently available on the market.

Fan-In WLP

Fan-in or conventional WLPs are created on the dies while they are still on the unsliced wafer. The final products are the same size as the die. Singulation is done after the wafers are completely packaged. This is why the results are truly die-sized.

Fan- Out WLP

Fan-out WLP begins with the restructuring or rearrangement of individual dies to a synthetic molded wafer. The constructed wafer creates a new base to administer a batch process that showcases build-up and metallization development to create the final packages. Fan-out WLP is similar to the traditional ball grid array packages but without the costly substrate processes.

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Silicon Wafer Manufacturers

Because of wafer level packaging, silicon wafer manufacturers are able to produce wafers that have a better performance at a relatively lower cost. If you’re looking for quality wafers in the best price possible, then get them at Wafer World. At Wafer World, we are dedicated to producing top quality wafers for all our clients worldwide. Call us today for inquiries or buy wafers online!

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