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November 20, 2019

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Silicon is the most common element used in wafer manufacturing, mainly because of its superior quality, high-temperature efficiency, and low impurity concentration. This makes it a good semiconductor material suitable for high-power devices. But silicon isn’t the only element used in semiconductor manufacturing, there are other elements too. In this article, we will discuss to you the other elements used in semiconductor manufacturing:


Boron is a hard, brittle, semi-metallic element used as a dopant in wafer manufacturing. It is categorized as an acceptor when utilized as a dopant for Si devices because its atom has one less valence electron compared to the Si atom that it replaces. This results in a gap of an electron that is identified as a 'hole'. The holes make the material p-type.


Germanium is a whitish grayish semi-metallic element. It has a melting temperature of 958 degrees Celsius. Germanium was the original semiconductor material utilized to manufacture transistor and diodes, but its low bandgap causes it to have excessive leakage currents in its reverse-biased p-n junctions.


Lead is one of the significant components of solder utilized in completing the external leads of IC packages. The other components are Tin or Sn.


Phosphorus is a non-metallic element utilized as a dopant in semiconductor devices. It is categorized as a donor when used as a dopant for Si devices. Its excess electrons make P an n-type material.


Tin is one of the two main components of the solder used in finishing the external leads of the IC package.

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