Why Restaurants Need Semiconductors


March 23, 2022

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Semiconductors have impacted nearly every sector of the economy. SI wafers are especially prevalent, being found in cars, cell phones, and more.

We’ve previously discussed why semiconductors are important for aviation, healthcare, and gaming. Today, we wanted to discuss how semiconductor production impacts an industry that might not seem high-tech: restaurants.  

Although computers aren’t required to serve food, they provide several advantages that enable restaurants to thrive.

Si wafer production impacts restaurants

Reasons Why Restaurants Need Semiconductors

Point of Sale Systems

Currently, point of sale systems are by far the most common devices used in restaurants. They make work much easier for serving staff, allowing orders to be relayed to the kitchen quickly. The servers can carry these devices with them, instead of having to run back and forth from customers to the kitchen.

These computers are also essential for reading debit and credit cards, which are used by the vast majority of restaurant patrons. Restaurants that don’t accept debit and credit cards are at a disadvantage compared to other restaurants, since people don’t carry cash as much as they used to.


As with so many other businesses, restaurants are poised to become increasingly automated. What this means varies depending on the company, but it can include:

  • Delivery
  • Order-taking
  • Cooking

The computers required to power these devices need semiconductors. This is one of the reasons why the semiconductor supply chain can present difficulties: society’s appetite for computers continues to grow year-over-year, with no signs of stopping.

Si wafer production

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