What Is a Wafer Prober?


November 25, 2022

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If you’re wondering how manufacturers accurately measure each silicon wafer they produce, then you’re in luck. The answer to that question is the system called a wafer prober. If you want to learn more about this method, here’s everything you need to know about wafer probers.  

Chip produced thanks to a silicon wafer

Facts About Wafer Probers  

Wafer Prober: What Is It?

A wafer probe is a system used in designing and producing semiconductors for the electrical testing of wafers. Electrical tests involve sending test signals from a measurement device or tester to specific widgets on a wafer using probe needles or a probe card and then receiving the calls back from the device. The prober also handles the wafer to make contact at the intended location on the device.

Functions of Wafer Probes in Research and Development  

A wafer probe is primarily used in semiconductor development to assess reliability, defect analysis, and prototype IC features. An IC’s test element group (TEG), which consists of transistors, interconnections, and other element devices, is measured and evaluated with extreme accuracy as part of the evaluation of machines and processes. This necessitates the prevention of electrical noise and signal leakage.

A temperature control function is also necessary to test operation at low and high temperatures and assess reliability. High voltage and low impedance of the measuring path are also essential for analyzing high-power devices.

Wafer Probers Must Perform These Tasks for Production Testing  

In the mass manufacture of semiconductors, wafer testing includes:

  • Electrical testing of IC chips.
  • TEG testing for the process monitor.
  • A go/no-go test.

Wafer handling and position control automation, Anti-noise techniques, and reliability are necessary for wafer testing. Furthermore, it is essential to have high stiffness for one touchdown with several devices, fast speed control for a reduced tact time, availability, and simple maintenance.

Silicon wafer manufacturing

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