What is Indium Phosphide?


December 7, 2020

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The best thing about reclaiming wafers is that it can withstand the process of removing chemical impurities, particulates, surface contaminants, and other imperfections up to three times. In other words, choosing reclaim wafers allows you to save money. If you’re looking to find binary semiconductors made of indium and phosphorus, you should take a closer look at InP reclaim wafers.Compared to the standard InP wafer, the InP reclaim wafer is thinner due to the various processes it has gone through. However, in terms of efficiency, it’s of the same caliber as its predecessor. Let’s dive deep and learn more about indium phosphide.

What Exactly is Indium Phosphide?

Indium phosphide (InP) refers to a binary semiconductor that consists of indium (In) and phosphorus (P). Like gallium arsenide (GaAs) semiconductors that come with a zincblende crystal structure, InP is classified under a group of materials that belong to the III-V semiconductors.Thanks to their superior electron velocity, InP semiconductors are utilized in high-frequency and high-power electronics. For this reason, optoelectronic devices that include laser diodes benefit from this semiconductor’s direct band gap.

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How Is It Manufactured?

The manufacturing process of indium phosphide involves the reaction of white phosphorus and indium iodide. While white phosphorus is a waxy and translucent solid that turns yellow upon exposure to light, indium iodide refers to an orange-colored crystalline solid. Indium phosphide is obtained through the following processes:

  • Both elements are placed at 400˚C
  • Purified elements are combined at high pressure and temperature
  • When a trialkyl indium compound and phosphine are mixed by thermal composition.

Furthermore, to obtain an indium phosphide nanocrystalline surface, electrochemical etching is performed before a scanning electron microscope is used to view it.

What Are Its Application Fields?

InP is used as the basis of three main application fields, including optoelectronic components, high-speed electronics, and photovoltaics. However, it’s important to note that InP-based components are also responsible for unlocking a zone in the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared and microwaves. Although this technical zone called terahertz is under-utilized, its range presents electromagnetic waves with hybrid properties that feature high-frequency and high-optical qualities.

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