What is the Orientation of Silicon Wafers?


April 1, 2016

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A silicon wafer, as we have already previously discussed, is a thin slice of semiconductor material used in the production of integrated circuits, or ICs. Silicon wafers are widely used in electronic devices as they have proven reliable and effective in harboring and conducting IC’s. There are many product specifications that differentiate the silicon wafers and the types of electronic devices they serve. Depending on the required functionality of the silicon wafer, there are several different steps during the manufacturing of silicon wafers where conditions of the wafer can be modified to change the overall makeup of the wafer. One of the attributes that vary from wafer to wafer is the orientation of the silicon wafer.What is Silicon Wafer Orientation? Wafers are grown on crystals that have a regular crystal structures. When they are sliced from the crystal, the surface is aligned in one of several relative directions, known as the orientation. This is also referred to as the growth plane of the crystalline silicon. The orientation is important for the electronic properties of the wafer. Ion implantation depths depend on the orientation and it will affect the paths for transport. The different planes have different arrangements of atoms and lattices so it will affect the way the electricity travels in the circuit. The orientations of silicon wafers are classified using Miller indices. These indices include such descriptions as (100), (111), and (110).Silicon wafer manufacturing is a complex process and ensuring that high quality products are delivered to customers is the specialty of Wafer World. We are experts in the field of silicon wafer production and no matter what your silicon wafer needs are, we can have the product manufactured and delivered to you. Connect with our silicon wafer manufacturing company online or call us today at (561) 842-4441 for any questions you may have regarding silicon wafers!

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