Why Are FZ Wafers Better than CZ Wafers?


October 21, 2020

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An FZ wafer, or float zone wafer, is suitable for manufacturing discrete power devices, high-efficiency solar cells, and radio frequency chips. This is the most appropriate type of wafer for these applications because they are highly pure. They also contain low levels of impurities. It translates to a better performing, longer-lasting, and better-quality wafers.This highly durable and efficient design is among the many reasons why they're better than CZ wafers. In this article, we will tackle why FZ wafers are highly pure and other reasons why they’re better than CZ wafers.

What is a FZ Wafer?

Why are FZ Wafers Better than CZ Wafers?

Contact with Ambient Gas

FZ wafers are highly pure because, during their growth process, they're not in contact with other substances except for ambient gas. The ambient gas only contains doping gas, unlike the CZ growth method. It allows an FZ wafer to achieve a higher level of purity and resistivity.

Limited Defects

Because FZ wafers are highly pure, they only contain minimal impurities. It means that the wafers have little to no defects, which increases their efficiency and performance. It also impacts their temperature capabilities. FZ wafers are known to handle applications with high-temperature outputs very well. FZ wafers are grown through the float zone method. It is a technique that focuses on minimizing the presence of light impurities like carbon and oxygen. Because FZ wafers have low levels of light contaminants, they have a higher growth rate and uniform dopant control in the entire crystal. Plus, the float zone production method is cheaper and faster than the method used to produce CZ wafers.The Float Zone method also contains small amounts of nitrogen, which helps control the micro defects within the wafer. They have properties that allow for a more effective doping process. It results in resistivity measurements up to 50,000 ohm-cm.

What is a FZ Wafer?

Looking for an FZ Wafer?

An FZ wafer is better for specific applications because it is highly pure compared to a CZ wafer. It means that it has better quality, efficiency, and performance. If you need an FZ wafer for your next project, visit Wafer World! We offer a wide range of high-quality wafers at a reasonable price. Contact us for inquires!

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