Why Is Silicon Important in Electronics and technologies?


September 13, 2022

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Silicon is a commonly used material for semiconductors because of its low resistance, making it an excellent material for computer use. Electronics manufacturers buy silicon wafers to be used across all different kinds of technology.  

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Electronics and Silicon Wafers

Stable and Reliable

Silicon is a relatively stable material that can easily resist breaking at high temperatures. It is an excellent option for semiconductors because of its solid thermal resistance. It's also a good alternative to solar power because it works well with solar panels and other equipment.    

Abundance of Materials  

With 28% of the earth's crust made of silicon, it ranks as the second most abundant element on the planet. This material is perfect for semiconductors because it's easy to process and purify. In addition, its single crystal structure and great purity make it a desirable option for electrical components.  

Easy to Process  

In addition to being abundant, silicon is relatively simple to convert into wafers, and its production processes are evolving to be more environmentally friendly. Because of its chemical makeup, it is more dependable in high-temperature environments and is least damaged by water, acid, and steam. With these qualities, silicon has become a standard component in electronics due to its semi-conducting rates.


Silicon is affordable and readily available due to its abundance, which is why plenty of manufacturers are attracted to this material. It's also a highly sought-after option in the electronics industry because it's a cheap and environmentally friendly material.

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