About Wafer Manufacturing: How to Achieve Thinner Wafers


April 2, 2020

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With today's increasing demand for thinner and smaller integrated circuits, the semiconductor industry must come up with ways on how to meet the need. That’s how double side polish wafers came to be. To produce a double side polish wafer, they have to go through several wafer thinning processes, including wafer backgrinding. Wafer backgrinding is a method of grinding the backside of a wafer to achieve the desired wafer thinness. We’re going to detail the process of wafer backgrinding and other important things you can learn about the process.

What's the process for double side polish wafer?

How Do Manufacturers Achieve Thinner Wafers?

About Backgrinding

Backgrinding is an important step to achieve thinner wafers. To start, wafers must first go through cleaning and surface lamination. Cleaning is essential to get rid of unwanted materials and contaminants on a wafer’s surface. After cleaning, they need to undergo surface lamination.

About Surface Lamination

Surface lamination is a step that involves the application of a protective layer over the surface of the wafer. This is essential because it helps protect the wafer’s surface from any mechanical damage during the backgrinding process.Once the wafers have been laminated, they will then be loaded into cassettes which are placed inside cassette holders that are found in the backgrinding machine. After this, the machine picks up each wafer from its backside, putting them securely in place for the process.There are parameters to be followed to guarantee proper backgrinding of each double side polish wafer. To ensure that the wafers are spotless and free from contaminants after backgrinding, they need to be washed continuously with D/I water during the process.

Common Wafer Backgrinding-Related Errors

These are some common wafer backgrinding errors:

  • Die Cracking or Chipping: when cracks or fractures occur anywhere in the die.
  • Die Scratching: when dies are mishandled by operators.
  • Die Metallization Smearing: when deformations occur on the die’s surface.
  • Die Corrosion: when the metallic parts of the die corrode due to its prolonged exposure to water.
What is the best double side polish wafer?

Want to Learn More About Double Side Polish Wafer Manufacturing?

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