Thin Silicon Wafers | The Different Properties of Thin Silicon Wafers


March 2, 2020

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It has become more and more challenging to achieve flexible and compact integrated circuits as the gold standard for high-performance CMOS electronics are planar and brittle, making it difficult to mold for various applications. That's why thin silicon wafers are gaining popularity. Thin silicon wafers are being widely utilized in various high-performance flexible electronics because of its superior characteristics and properties. Take a look at the different properties of thin silicon wafers.

Where can I get thin silicon wafers?

What are the Different Properties of Thin Silicon Wafers?

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical strength of thin silicon wafers is influenced by their thickness and the stress produced during the bending of the wafers. The thinning process can affect the mechanical properties of the wafers. If not handled properly during thinning, sub-surface damage and deep cracks can occur, leading to poor bendability and early breakage. This sacrifices the durability and quality of the thin wafers. Fortunately, there are certain techniques and measures carried out to preserve the mechanical strength of thin wafers.

Thermal Properties

Temperature can also affect the performance and reliability of these silicon wafers. The dissipation of heat in this type of silicon wafer significantly differs from conventional bulk Si chips. Thermal issues can be dealt with by incorporating on-chip cooling technology such as thermo-electric fluidic coolers or micro-coolers. But this cooling mechanism can be arduous to fabricate. Using a large-sized thin silicon wafer can also be an alternative solution.

Electrical Behavior

When the thickness of silicon reaches a nanoscale level, it's fundamental electrical properties, like its bandgap, dielectric constant, and density of states will change.

What is a quality thin silicon wafer?

Do you Need Thin Silicon Wafers?

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