Benefits of Double Side Polish Wafers


September 24, 2020

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As nanotechnology and MEMS devices' demand increases, so makes the demand for double-side polished wafers. A double-side polish wafer is fragile and has a mirror-like surface. Because of these properties, it offers so many benefits. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of double side polish wafers:

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What are the Benefits of Using Double Side Polish Wafers?

Higher Performance

A double-side polish wafer has better performance. It's because the mirror finish on both sides traps less particle, which helps reduce surface contamination. High levels of surface contamination are associated with poor performance, inefficiency, and defect. Polishing both sides also helps lessen the stress on the wafers' surface caused by the previous processes.

Reduced Manufacturing Cost

Since a double side polish wafer is thinner than regular wafers, more wafers can be produced in a single ingot. The manufacturing cost to build a double side polish wafer is also less.

Less Surface Contamination

Polishing both sides of the wafer helps lessen the surface contamination levels. This helps improve the quality and performance of the wafer. It also boosts throughput and reduces damages. Polishing also improves process flexibility, reduces contamination, and eliminates any residual slurry on a wafer.

Mirror-like Finish

The polishing process removes microroughness and microdamage on a wafer. This gives the wafer a very smooth, mirror-like finish. To achieve a mirror-like finish, each of the wafers needs to go through several polishing steps.

who offers the best double side polish wafer?

Looking for a Double Side Polish Wafer?

A double-side polish wafer is suitable for various applications, from nanotechnology to MEMS devices. If you're looking for high-quality double side polish wafers at a reasonable price, you can get them from Wafer World. At Wafer World, we offer high-quality wafers at an affordable price. Contact us for inquires!

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