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November 16, 2018

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Silicon wafers are an integral part of electronic components and solar energy systems. When it comes to wafers and the way they are made, there are certain things that are important to know. Let’s take a look at some questions we get asked a lot when it comes silicon wafers. And, as always, come see us when you are ready to buy a silicon wafer.

How Do I Choose the Thickness of a Wafer?

Wafer thickness is always determined by the automated strength of the materials used. That means that the wafer should be thick enough that it doesn’t crack during handling.

What is a Silicon Wafer Used For?

Silicon wafers have two primary uses. The first is the creation of a semiconductor. Silicon is the best and the most used semiconductor due to its extreme mobility both at high temperatures and at room temperature. This, along with the fact that electrical currents can pass through silicon easily, make it ideal for electronic devices. The second use is in the production of both chips and microchips in electronic gadgets. The semiconductors that utilize silicon wafers are widely used to create integrated circuits. Integrated circuits act as commands for specific actions in various electronic devices.

Do You Need to Buy a Silicon Wafer?

No matter what the project, if you are in need of silicon wafers we have you covered. At Wafer World, we have been satisfying customers across six continents in over 45 countries and we have been doing it for over 20 years. Contact us today to learn more and to place an order.

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