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March 22, 2019

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Silicon Wafers are widely used in the production of integrated circuits which is used in the manufacturing of our daily electronic devices. In order to produce high-quality wafers, it must go through a series of steps. In each step, the wafer manufacturer must pay close attention to detail to ensure that the wafers produced are clean, flat and defect-free. If you Buy Silicon Wafer, make sure that they are made with utmost care and excellence. To walk you through, here is the silicon wafer production process:

Ingot Growth

This can be achieved in two methods: FZ method (Floating Zone Method) and the CZ method (Czochralski Method).


After the crystal growth process, the crystal ingots go through a series of inspection to indicate its orientation. It is expected to be slightly larger than the standard size for ease of further processing. After the inspection, it will then go through the process of slicing. A diamond edge saw is used to cut the solid crystals to avoid any damage, like warp defects, bow, and variation in thickness.

Lapping and Cleaning

This process helps clear away any saw marks and surface imperfections from both sides of the wafer. This process also thins and helps get rid of any stress on the surface of the wafer that has accumulated during the slicing process. The wafers are also subjected to acetic and nitric acids to lessen any microscopic cracks and surface damage. The wafer will also go through edge grinding to smoothen the edges.


Polishing wafers give it a mirror finish. The surface must be free of any residual work damage, scratches, micro-cracks, and topography. After polishing, the wafers go through a series of clean baths before it will be packaged.


Wafers go through inspection before they are packed. They must meet all standards and specifications. They are packed in a cassette container sealed with tape.

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