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April 25, 2019

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Silicon wafers are classified according to their quality levels or grades. Each has different properties, purpose, and application. If you want to buy silicon wafer, know the different types of grades to make sure that you get the wafer you need to achieve your desired results. Here are several different silicon wafer grades you can choose from:

Prime Wafers

This type of wafer is considered to be the highest grade of silicon wafers. They need to be very smooth, defect-free and have perfect flatness on a 20mm x20mm site.  A true prime wafer is an instrument quality wafer that any large-scale lab can use to fabricate the latest technology semiconductor device.

Reclaim Wafers

A reclaim wafer goes through removing of metals, films, and other contaminants. This technique allows you to get three or four uses out of one wafer. This type of wafer is sold without strict restrictions on resistivity.

Test Wafers

Test wafers are wafers that have failed in one or more specification required to be considered a prime wafer. Test wafers perform well despite lacking flatness, backside specs, and having an extensive resistivity range.

Coin-Roll Wafers

Coin-roll wafers are wafers that failed during the silicon wafer manufacturing process. Silicon vendors buy silicon wafer coin-roll with different resistivity levels, crystal orientation, scratches, and other defects. They are recycled to become test wafers.

Furnace Grade

It is commonly used for high-temperature operation or thin film removal. It has very strict oxygen content, resistivity, carbon content, and RRG. This contributes to uniformly grow wafers without stress fractures.

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