Different Types and Uses of Semiconductor Wafers


May 7, 2021

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There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to wafer manufacturing. For this reason, silicon wafer suppliers offer various types of wafers that can be used for multiple purposes. Each wafer features properties and characteristics that are uniquely their own.

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What are the Types and Uses of Silicon Wafers?

Undoped Semiconductor Wafers

Also known as an intrinsic semiconductor wafer, an undoped semiconductor wafer is essentially a thin slice of pure silicon crystalline or another type of semiconductor material.

Doped Semiconductor Wafers

This type of semiconductor wafer isn’t made from 100% silicon or any other pure semiconductor material. These are typically made by carrying out an impurity factor of doping during its fabrication process. However, it’s important to note that the added impurity won’t compromise the material’s overall purity.One of the best things about doped semiconductor wafers is the fact that the doping process allows the manufacturer to change and control the wafers’ electrical and physical properties.

What Are the Uses of Semiconductor Wafers?

Did you know various fields of modern technology make use of semiconductor wafers? These fields include solar cell manufacturing, photovoltaics, and the fabrication of Integrated Circuits (IC). Additionally, these wafers also function as a substrate for various microelectronic devices that may be built upon or built-in the wafer itself.Since silicon is known for its high mobility at standard to high room temperatures, this material is widely used in manufacturing wafers. Compared to other types of semiconductor materials, silicon’s properties allow electronic current to pass at higher rates. For this reason, silicon wafers are mostly used in developing chips and microchips that are placed in many electrical devices.Furthermore, silicon wafers play a critical role in the process of creating ICs that are responsible for commanding actions in electrical and electronic gadgets. They’re often used in smartphones, computers, laptops, and appliances.

Silicon Wafer Suppliers

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