Float Zone Wafer | Float Zone Silicon Wafer Properties and Uses


March 13, 2019

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What is a float zone wafer? Typically, they are achieved through the crystal growth process called float zone method which is founded on the vertical zone-melting principle by Theuerer in 1962.  The goal of this method is to produce wafers with higher resistivity and higher purity. Float zone silicon wafer is a known product of this method which is utilized in high power devices, optical devices, and sensor devices.

Properties of Float Zone Silicon Wafers

FZ-Si is highly pure in nature due to the Silicon element, as well as the FZ crystal growth method used. FZ-Si is known to have the following properties:

  • Has a high-temperature capacity.
  • Reduced concentration of light contaminants like oxygen and carbon.
  • Known for its strong mechanical strength through the addition of Nitrogen during the growth process.
  • Has fewer micro defects.
  • Is a 150mm size.

Advantages of FZ-Si

  • It has a higher growth rate (2-3 times higher) compared to the CZ method.
  • Lowers the chance of any defects due to the high growth rate and low presence of oxygen and carbon.
  • Controls resistivity throughout the entire crystal making its properties homogenous.

Uses of FZ-Si Wafer

Float zone silicon wafers have many uses due to its properties and advantages.

  • The float-zone silicon wafer is used in power instruments and in the manufacturing of distinct power devices
  • It is used:
  • In the production of high-energy solar devices.
  • Used to create a radio frequency module or circuit in small electronic devices to transmit and receive radio signals.
  • Also used in sensors and detectors.
  • Also used in making optical components like lenses and windows for terahertz radiation applications.
Where are good float zone wafer?

Where to find Float Zone Wafers?

The use of Float Zone Silicon Wafer is more rampantly used in the production of power devices as well as high-energy solar devices due to its ability to minimize any defects or problems.  If you need a Float Zone Wafer for your next project, you can get it from WAFER WORLD. At WAFER WORLD, we are dedicated to providing our clients with quality wafers that they need. We aim to continue being number one in the industry by providing excellent customer service as well as high-quality products. Call us today for you wafer needs!

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